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The first kiss



I always worry a little when the wife/girlfriend wants me to dance for them first.  Usually that means that they want to see how hands on I get.  If I get really hands on they don’t want me feeling up their man.  Occasionally though, that means that the woman is the one that really wants to be excited.

This couple, however, was really ready to let loose.  As the song came on, I reached down and spread her legs open.  I needed the room to fit my ass in between them as I rubbed it against her lap.  “Whats’s your name sexy?”  I asked her. ” Lilly” She responded with much enthusiasm.  “Well Lilly, Would you both be interested in joining me in my VIP room?”

“How much is it?”

“I’ll make a deal with you,  for you guys I will give you 1 hour for $400.  How does that sound?”

“Can you give me 5 minutes to talk my husband into it?”

“Sure doll, I’ll be back in a few.”

Freshening up seemed like a good idea to me.  I made my way to the bathroom to splash some water on my face and lotion up.  Pushing open the door I heard a lot of commotion coming from the first stall.

“Hey Lysa, What are they doing in there?”

“What do you think?  They made a bet on who licked pussy better,so I guess they are trying it out.”

“Wow, ok. Some people are really hard up for attention.”

Lysa was new here.  She was the absolute most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  I wanted her something fierce.  Not only did I dream of tasting her, I just wanted to kiss her full salty sweet lips.  That gave me an idea.

“Hey Lysa, I just booked a VIP room, Wanna join me and I’ll split it with you?”  Im not sure if it was my hope or the way she said it, but it took her not time at all to agree.

“On one condition.”  She said.

“Sure anything.”

“Kiss me”  I moved ever to her and placed my hand on her waist.  I pulled her to me and placed my lips on hers.  I felt my hand moving slowly up to her breast cupping them in my hands.  It was perfect because it was to big to fit into my palm.  She began kissing my neck and moved down to my nipples.  Backing up to the counter I felt her lift me and place me on my back.  She continued kissing me down past my navel and made her way to my clit.  The way she wrapped her tongue around my clit made me tear up with joy.  Sheer perfection.  When she was done she helped me up and licked her lips.

“You taste as good as my dreams”  she said slyly.  “Now, let’s go fuck some strangers.”

Note:  This is the 3rd post in my “leftover from last night” series

Leftover from last night

She knew that tonight was going to be bad when the first thing she did was step in the left over chinese food while climbing out of bed.  Getting to the bathroom was almost as much work as her actual job.  No matter how many times she told herself not to invite her coworkers home, she continued to do it anyway.  Screaming “You fucking morons” at the top of her lung didn’t change the fact that her apartment was a wreck, but it did help her feel a little bit better.

Reaching into the dresser drawer on her way to the bathroom she realized that half of her shit had been pulled out and strewn all over her already trashed carpet.  Luckily, she didn’t have to rummage through the trash long.  The Barely there thong and cupless bra that she wore to work lay right on top of everything else. Making her way to the shower she started to feel a little better about last night.  She had the pleasure of working the VIP room.  $300 for each thirty minutes really helped get the rent paid.  Just as she reached to turn the water on she saw her best friend and her boyfriend asleep naked in her bathtub.  She was on her back and his face was planted directly in her pussy.  His fairly limp cock was flopped over her face mixing last nights cum with her drool.  Well, she didn’t blame him for wanting to fall asleep that way.  It was the best pussy she herself had ever tasted.  She was about to shake them to wake them up when she noticed her brand new anal beads hanging out of his ass and wrapped around is cock.  That was the final straw,  she reached in and turned on the shower.

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