Leftover from last night

She knew that tonight was going to be bad when the first thing she did was step in the left over chinese food while climbing out of bed.  Getting to the bathroom was almost as much work as her actual job.  No matter how many times she told herself not to invite her coworkers home, she continued to do it anyway.  Screaming “You fucking morons” at the top of her lung didn’t change the fact that her apartment was a wreck, but it did help her feel a little bit better.

Reaching into the dresser drawer on her way to the bathroom she realized that half of her shit had been pulled out and strewn all over her already trashed carpet.  Luckily, she didn’t have to rummage through the trash long.  The Barely there thong and cupless bra that she wore to work lay right on top of everything else. Making her way to the shower she started to feel a little better about last night.  She had the pleasure of working the VIP room.  $300 for each thirty minutes really helped get the rent paid.  Just as she reached to turn the water on she saw her best friend and her boyfriend asleep naked in her bathtub.  She was on her back and his face was planted directly in her pussy.  His fairly limp cock was flopped over her face mixing last nights cum with her drool.  Well, she didn’t blame him for wanting to fall asleep that way.  It was the best pussy she herself had ever tasted.  She was about to shake them to wake them up when she noticed her brand new anal beads hanging out of his ass and wrapped around is cock.  That was the final straw,  she reached in and turned on the shower.

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16 responses to “Leftover from last night”

  1. Bianca says :

    And, yes. That’s why you never let your coworkers come over. Or you go solo and eschew the whole coworker thing altogether.

  2. Carrie says :

    I’m wondering how realistic it would be for the two to be in that particular position in the bathtub…tubs aren’t that long…maybe have them 69? His now flaccid cock could be flopped over her face, the cum mixing with her drool?

    This is such a short snippet and since it’s supposed to be erotica, maybe cut out some of the beginning or tighten it up. This scene could be much more effective if we launch right into the debauchery 🙂

  3. Draug419 says :

    lmfao I love that ending! I can just imagine their surprise. xD

  4. Zoe says :

    I am trying to laugh so quietly that I about got a cramp. Loved that ending.

  5. kgwaite says :

    Talk about a rude awakening.

  6. KymmInBarcelona says :

    You had me at leftover Chinese food. Love the payback.

  7. Lucy Miller Robinson says :

    I love the “leftover” imagery all over the place.

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