Taking me

The feel of your hands slowly caressing my tender flesh sets me on fire.

Your warmth devours me as the weight of your body presses against me.

Your gentle whisper turns into a hungry growl as you speak your truth into me.

The feel of your breath on my neck leave shivers lingering in my thighs,

and when you nibble on my shoulder my insides quiver with delight.

Your fingertips press hard into my skin

and I smile knowing of the gentle bruises you will leave to remember you.

Then you claim what is yours.

As my arms are pinned over my head,

my body welcomes you with pleasure.

I can feel you spreading my thighs with your heat,

and my and I open for you completely.

Your hand slides gently under my back and arches me up.

I whimper “Please, take me” as you thrust deep inside of me.

As I am pressing myself further into you, you release a captivating moan.

I can feel you muscles grow tighter and your face focusing as you build toward your release.

Your grip on my side is strong.

I whisper to you to “Explode for me.

I want to be drenched in you.”

At an instant I feel you release inside of me.

As our exhaustion takes over, we collapse.

Until tonight.

About Arabella Drake

Enjoy the ride.

4 responses to “Taking me”

  1. lauraanon says :

    I love this, it is so honest.

  2. Jenna Jaxon says :

    Fantastic pic and poem. Great job!

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